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The Painted Bottle is a collaboration between sisters, Amanda and Angelica; small town country girls who spent much of their younger years moving across Canada with their family and getting a taste of the entrepreneur life. Amanda is a career driven professional who loves to write and has a passion for art, wine and traveling. Angelica is a hail technician, which is an art form in itself, as well as a wife and mother, who is committed to spending quality time with her family. Her passion is painting and is excited to be able to showcase her artwork at The Painted Bottle. Together we aim to create a special place that combines our passions with giving back to the community and supporting local events, fundraisers and programs that will enhance the experience of our valued customers.

Browse our online collection to see which pieces of art appeal most to you. Art speaks to all of us in different ways. We are happy to ship your purchase almost anywhere in the world directly to you and we offer free shipping within Canada.

We strive to make the cutting edge local art scene accessible to art enthusiasts everywhere and offer a variety of art for sale including one of a kind originals, limited editions, photographs, prints, acrylic paintings, oil paintings, sketches and so much more.

We are proud to feature emerging local Calgary artists as well as established Canadian and International artists. 

If you are an artist who would like their art showcased, promoted or sold on your behalf please contact us via email or phone below. Thank you!